Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Journey

Our Journey a travel album
Advanced scrapbooking class by Nia Nirwana -May 8th 2010

OUR JOURNEY (BANDUNG forever...hehehe...)


Glue the window chipboard to the slices of paper that pop at the middle, and put one of a pic behind the window.

Yeaah...this is my wedding anniversary in Carmel, Lembang.

(Après ça, nous allons a Rumah Stroberi et Ciater. Je suis très heureuse de mon pregnancy)

Page 2:
One pocket for some brochures or other ephemeras along with the photos.
Glue one origami at the left side, after covering it up with pattern paper. Then glue the flourish tourquoise chipboard on the top for easy opening.

This layout contain our journey @Saung Mang Udjo origami! and look our journey at Rumah Sosis!

Page 3:
Glue the scraps of papers on the harmonica part, be careful with the placement so it will be easy and interesting to look at. Then, add others photos on the side to finish. A lace is put at the right corner to add texture.

C’est la reunion Electro ITB 89. Mon mari et ses amis bavardent et.

Nous avons Nous avons bien situé bonheur !

Et, apres vous rencontre mes amis au Tirtajaya, BIP. Voila!

Page 4:
First, glue down the turquoise burlap on the top right using gel medium.
Glue down the other window chipboard after slip a pic behind it.
Put other origami with photos and ephemera.
Use pattern paper at the blank area after filled it with the photos.

Alors....mangez au Treehouse Cafe...

Il y a Soto Bandung...hmmm..nyam..nyam...dans l'origami....

The Cover:
Glue the pattern paper using pop up.
Put the brown texture pattern in the middle, also using pop up.
Arrange all the flourish chipboard (the cream set), butterfly, buttons, etc arround the brown paper, together with the title and glue them all.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Chocolate plus plus

Beginner scrapbooking class by Ria Nirwana- on April 24th 2010

My friend and my inspiring teacher Ria Nirwana

In this class, we are going to make three simple layouts for 12x12pages, based on chocolate color, than add to it one of color, for each page.

Here, we only use one brown Thickers for three layouts

Here are the layouts:


Life is what happen.
This layout contain my office friends photos
(arrange all the eight photos to make a group picture)


Arrange the 'stories' journal, one photo, and the flowers embellishment


In time of test, 'Family's Best'
This layout contain my favorite journey in Bandung @ Saung Mang Udjo

My First Scrapbook

This is my first scrapbook class, by Ria Nirwana in 2007 (@Heritage Barito, Jakarta).

It's simple layout, for children class.

(Rubrik "Fieldtrip", GIRLS magazine).