Monday, April 30, 2012

WITL day seven -Lucy

Good morning...
Today is the last day for "week in the life" project. I'm feeling good so far with my week of pictures and journaling and hopefully I'll be happy to look back and see what our daily life was like.

my breakfast:  boiled noodles

Take out the breast milk from the freezer before going to the church...

Bima time

Go to the church

There is "Pasar Kaget" on the boulevard Grand Depok City

Church time...

 It's rainy day...

First communion preparation meeting
First communion preparation meeting for parents
Lunch time

Pecel Lele (Indonesian traditional food)
"New look"

Go home...
Sweeping time...
Snack time...

Communication time...
Breast pump time...
Good night...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

WITL day six -Lucy

Watching hanging mobile toys

Breakfast prayer

Fresh morning...!

My husband goes to his office

It's Saturday...Vito does not go to school...

"Tukang  sayur"

Making 50 pudding cups to Easter celebration in my complex (Komisariat I Lingkungan St. Ignatius Loyola)

Easter eggs decoration

Pudding time with my family

Have a nice weekend...!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

WITL day five -Lucy

Thanks God...It's Friday
I hope today bring happiness

I wake up at 5:30 and prepare my craft for bazaar in near my mother's house.
This bazaar event is organised to celebrate Depok town birthday today.

Breakfast menu: spaghetti

Morning time with daddy

Washing dishes...(I want a diswasher :)  lol )

Sweeping the floor

Vito...with boy scout uniform

At 8:25 am Tian;s preschool drop off


"Shop and Drive" -----> Free car check!

Going to St. Matheus church to meet my mother...

Bima and Grandma...

Tian  show me a bracelet. He making his own bracelet at preschool.

Playing time with Bima

My husband goes to office

Breastfeeding time

Kumon time...!
Rp. 3000,- from home to Kumon office by ojeg

Snack time with "krupuk"

Dinner menu: Nasi, sayur toge, tahu & daging giling goreng plus krupuk again, hahaha...

It's beautifull day...