Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mixed Media Painting

February 28, 2015

Trying new things is really good for me.
I can create something unique.
Yeaaahhh......I learn Mixed Media Painting @Anita's studio on last February 2015.

Anita Abdulkadir is one of my scrapbooker friends. 
She works predominantly on canvas using mixed media include pattern paper, with some distinguish techniques such as masking and stamping. 

Voila... :)

With my friends in Anita's studia

My First Mixed Media Painting 
"Hello Sunshine"

(by: Veronica Lucy Indah.K)

My Workshop: CUTE WALLET

February 22, 2015

It's my first cute wallet workshop @DETOS

My Cute Wallet workshop 
Crafty Day with Crafter Depok
Sewing by hand
Sharing my cute wallet tutorial...

(By: Veronica Lucy Indah.K)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Cute Wallet

February 2015

I finally succeeded in making a wallet !
I learned it fron Japan wallet tutorial books

So cute, my wallet :)

- cotton fabric
- Bias tape
- Visiline
- Magnet button
- Small zipper

(By: Veronica Lucy Indah K)

Alen Birthday Cake

February 2015

It was February 3, 2015, my nephew birthday.
I make Barbie birthday cake for her.
- Chocolate filling
- Covered by chocolate and icing sugar
- flower
- Sprinkle
- Sprinkling cheese
- Barbie character

(By: Veronica Lucy Indah.K)

Shoulder Bag

February 2015

Shoulder bag workshop by Hemi Yawati

 (By: Veronica Lucy Indah K)

CraftOn Handicraft Qta

February 2015

5 days of CraftOn_HQ
Craft challenge by Face Book Group Handicarft Qta :)

 Day_1: Clock decoupage

 Day_2: Stationery set decoupage

 Day_3: Scrapbook page layout with frame

 Day_4: Scrapbook Mini Album, covered Batik Depok

Day_5: Shoulder Bag, using cotton and denim

(By: Veronica Lucy Indah.K)

Friday, January 30, 2015

My Baking Adventure

December 2014-Januari 2015

 Cars and Angry Birds birthday cake for Sakuruta 9th birthday
(December 12, 2014)

BEN TEN birthday cake for Berry 3rd birthday 
(January 21, 2015)

Cake Baking Tips

  • Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature to incorporate air for rising.
  • Prepare cake pans with butter and flour. Fresh-baked cakes are delicate and must fall neatly out of the pan for cooling. And don't keep the batter waiting; prepare the pans first.
  • Sift those dry ingredients. It's not just a matter of mixing; sifted flour makes it lighter and easier to incorporate into other ingredients. It's OK to cut a corner by fork-sifting or using a wire whisk, however, the confectioners' sugar must be sifted. The results are worth the trouble.
  • Know your oven. Take your oven's temperature with a thermometer to make sure it corresponds with the dial. If your oven has hot spots, gently turn halfway through baking. Bake cakes in the lower third of the oven.

by: Veronica Lucy Indah.K

Christmas Bazaar @GKI Kamboja

December 21, 2014

My Christmas bazaar @GKI Kamboja, Depok.

by: Veronica Lucy Indah K

My Work Shop @SD Mardi Yuana Depok

December, 2014

Make a hand bag from coffee sachets

By: Veronica Lucy Indah.K

Piano Concert & Bazaar @Kidz Club

December 6, 2014

Vito and Tian plays piano @Kidz Club Garden Party


(By: Veronica Lucy Indah.K)


November 26-30, 2014

One of the largest handicrafts exhibition in Indonesia, CRAFINA 2014, was held from 26th to 30th November 2014 in Hall A, Hall B, and the lobby of the  Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. This year, the event has chosen the theme “Craft As Lifestyle” which is expected to present a brand new “color” and ambience to visitors.

 Pemerintahan Kota Depok (PEMKOT DEPOK) booth
(photo by: Indarwati Ayaran)

 My Scrapbook Notes @Crafina

My scrapbook frame @Crafina

(by: Veronica Lucy Indah.K)